When is the best time to plan a new-born session?

This is best planned to take place during the first two weeks after the birth. At this age, babies sleep a lot and they are used to posing. If they’re older than two weeks, it’s more difficult to get the best result.

What should I do if my child is born earlier or later?

Phone us as soon as you can. Then we can find another date in our diary. We allow for the fact that this might happen and keep a place open earlier or later in our diary.


Can I purchase the digital images?

Yes. You can buy the rights to a photo at a fair price. At this stage, you are buying the duplication rights of a photo. Which means you can make copies yourself. Of course, that means we can’t guarantee that you will get quality prints, because it won’t be done on our specialist printers.

If you would like the images for your digital archive, then we have a special price for this.

When is it best to have a pregnancy shoot?

This is best planned to take place between week 32 and 36. This is the stage at which your tummy looks most beautiful and you look most radiant. That’s the time when you will get the best result. Later is possible, but your stomach may already have dropped by then. Which doesn’t always give the best result.


How many of us can be in the photo?

Our studio is big enough to accommodate a lot of people on the photo. Do be aware that a big shoot means a lot more images and therefore a lot more time from the photographer. Depending on the size of the group, extra studio time may need to be scheduled and an extra fee charged.


When will I receive my photos?

After placing your order, we will start working on it. The delivery time depends a lot on the material and product you have chosen. We endeavour to treat every order with the utmost care and finish it as soon as we can. You can collect your complete order within 2 or 3 weeks.